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The Pink Room

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing expertise in fitting mastectomy products to each woman's special needs. Our Board Certified and manufacturer trained female fitters are qualified to find the best products for women after a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, or augmentation.  We work with ladies who may be genetically imbalanced or simply need to be measured for a proper-fitting bra.  We invite you to make an appointment, come in, get acquainted, ask questions and get to know us and us you.  The Pink Room is a comfortable, private place designed with your needs in mind.


Lymphedema is a highly under-diagnosed condition that affects the lymphatic vessels. Lymphedema is swelling, usually in the arms or legs that occur as a result of an impaired lymphatic system.  If you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation treatment, lymph node removal, surgeries, infections or trauma to the limbs, you may be at risk for developing lymphedema.  If lymph nodes are removed or if you have experienced radiation, you will be at risk for developing lymphedema.  In some people, swelling starts immediately after surgery or radiation.  In others, it may not occur until years later.

Your doctor can best evaluate the cause of any post-surgical swelling. If you are diagnosed with lymphedema, we recommend seeing a trained MLD therapist or doctor specializing in lymphedema.  He will determine what is best for your specific treatment - which may include elevation/exercise, day and/or night time compression garments, wraps and/or a lymphedema pump. Our fitters are highly trained to measure and instruct you on how to wear and use all of these products.

Lymphedema Care Products

  • Lymphedema Pumps
  • Sleeves and Custom Garments: Nighttime garments designed to soften fibrotic tissue.  Helps to assist patient with challenges of night-time self-bandaging.
  • Custom Fitted and Custom Made compression Garments: Upper and Lower extremity garments, and compression bras.  
  • Bandaging Supplies 


Breast Forms

All breast forms are personally fitted for comfort, natural feel and appearance. The Pink Room staff will help you determine what if best for you.  We offer a variety of breast forms including custom which are created where during a personal scan session we use state of the art 3D scanning technology to guarantee a well-fitting prosthesis.  

Breast Form Styles:

  • Partial – used for lumpectomy surgery and asymmetry due to reconstruction
  • Temporary – soft form worn during recovery and for leisure 
  • Traditional Silicone – Weighed for balance.  Placed directly on surface of skin or into bra pocket.
  • Custom – using 3D imagery to create and achieve symmetry with your natural breast.


    Post-mastectomy Bras, Camisoles and Swimwear

    The Pink Room carries a wide range of styles and sizes for post-mastectomy patients.  The staff will carefully fit and accommodate your request.  In addition, we offer a colorful selection of swimwear designed specifically for women after breast surgery.  These suits are designed with more coverage, higher necklines and armhole openings. Bra pocket sewn into swimsuit to keep breast form securely in place.


    Compression Garments

    Gradient compression applies a measured amount of compression to your leg as the basis for management of venous conditions. Gradient compression stockings apply the highest amount of pressure at the ankle and gradually decrease up the length of the stocking. This helps the blood in your veins to flow in the right direction - back toward your heart - even if your veins and valves are damaged. Gradient compression therapy helps manage and prevent the progression of various vein related diseases.

    Medical gradient compression stockings come in various strengths.  Your health care professional will prescribe or recommend the right level for your condition. Stockings are available in different lengths from knee high to waist high, and are designed for men and women in different colors and styles.


    The Pink Room offers certified fitters and a variety of manufacturers and styles.

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